Ass Fisting For Two Nurses

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Ariel X is head nurse and when nurses Gia DiMarco and Beretta James step out of line she has an unusual way to teaching them a lesson. They are stripped, tied and wearing a ballgag before Ariel inserts buttplugs in their asses. She whips ass and tits before removing the gags.

She takes the buttplugs out and shoves each girls plug in the others mouth. She locks the door before making them lick ass then shoves a stick dildo in the ass. Both girls are made to suck a massive strapon then bend over. Ariel strapon fucks ass while that girl has to lick the ass of the girl in front.

The 2 nurses keep changing places then Ariel has Gia lie down and fucks her ass while Beretta sits on Gias face. An hitachi is added to the clit and held there again as she fists ass of both girls until they have both cum many times. You can see this anal fisting scene at EverythingButt.

Two Privates Get Ass Fisted

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Roxy Raye and Chastity Lynn are privates in the army and are trying to hide the fact they are lesbians. While naked and rolling around though their sergeant Ariel X walks in and immediately takes control. She gets them to bend over to have their ass spanked then gets them to lick ass before using a stick dildo to ass fuck them with.

She keeps switching from ass fucking to making the other suck the dildo before using both hands to stretch her ass. An anal speculum stretches her ass even more before the girls turn the tables and bends over Ariel to fist her ass. All three take a turn being ass fisted while an Hitachi brings the orgasms while having another girl sitting on her face.

Wanting to test their limits Ariel manages to double fist one, both fists in her ass, then gets out a giant strapon to ass fuck them. She strapon fucks both of them while they lick each others ass and uses them to clean the dildo. You can see the three girls all get a gaping ass at EverythingButt.

Horse Speculum In The Ass

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Roxy Raye is handed overf to Amber Rayne for this scene and is really made to suffer. Within seconds she is bent over having her ass licked as the only form of lube before having her ass fisted. No warmup or a few fingers fist, straight to the fisting. When she moans she is told to shut up as there are worse things to come. A large buttplug is inserted before she has her ass whipped then she is made to push it out before her ass is stretched even more. Once she has a gaping ass a horse speculum is inserted.

With the speculum opened wide and stretching her ass to gaping point Amber Rayne shoves her fist through it and into her ass. Roxy Raye is led on her back and has her tits slapped hard before being made to lick ass. A massive dildo is shoved in her ass and she is fucked with it before it is exchanged with a large glass dildo with painful nobules on it. She is then fisted again while using an Hitachi on her clit until she orgasms then it is her turn to satisfy Amber Rayne. She fingers her ass first then Amber Rayne fists her own ass before Roxy Raye takes over. Soon after they are fisting each others ass.

They both cum this way then Amber Rayne gets the biggest strapon i’ve ever soon to ass fuck Roxy Raye with. Still not satisfied a stick dildo is inserted in her pussy to double penetrate her. She gets fucked this way in different positions to get as deep as possible before a hose is shoved in her ass to clean her out. She is made to hold as much water as possible before expelling it then Amber Rayne gets a few goes as well. You can watch Roxy Raye ass fisted and ass raped with an huge strapon at EverythingButt.

Audrey Rose Gets Her Ass Stuffed

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Both girls start off dressed in latex but it isn’t long before Lea has Audrey out of her trousers. Lea oils up her ass before spanking her then shoving a double ended dildo in her ass. She fucks her ass hard before making Audrey deepthroat the double dildo then fucks her ass with it some more. Lea pulls out a larger dildo then and while Audrey sucks on the double dildo she rams her ass with the bigger one.

With Audreys ass now stretched Lea starts upgrading the dildos, ass fucking her with dildos that get bigger and bigger. When she moves onto a large green glass dildo Audrey is screaming in pain but Lea keeps shoving until she gets it into her ass. Next she uses a large dildo to strapon ass fuck her while Audrey is made to lick ass. She bends Lea over then to get the strapon in as far as she can for a rough ass fuck.

Audrey has a dildo gag put on her to fuck Leas ass until she cums then is made to lick pussy while Mick Blue fucks her ass from behind. He moves on to fuck Leas ass before making Audrey clean his cock with her tongue. He takes turns fucking each ass until he is ready to leave his load of cum in Audreys mouth. You can see Audrey get a gaping ass at EverythingButt.

January Seraphs Enema Videos Of A Night With Jade Indica

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January just loves getting gifts and when she is given Jade Indica, naked and tied to a wall as a present she is over the moon. She starts off taunting Jade then gives her a water enema ending in a massive butt plug. When done she inserts a normal butt plug into Jades ass and orders her to lick out her ass. It isn’t long before things turn back around and she gets Jade to lie down, takes out the buttplug and anal fists her to orgasm. Even though Jade has finished January hasn’t and she strap-on ass fucks her. She fucks her ass till she’s screaming for mercy then gets a handjob from her before letting her go. Everything Butt has this scene or get it on a buy the scene you want basis from Kink On Demand.

Jada Stevens Ass Fucked With Food

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Amber Rayne is in charge of the staff at a big house with Jada Stevens a kitchen employee. She likes the look of Jada but has been asked by her master to test her out to see if she can manage to move upstairs to a different job, fulfilling his every sexual fantasy.

She tests her out by bending her onto all fours on the counter and spanking her ass. she stripped her off and started to fuck her ass with a carrot to warm her up then moves onto bigger items. She ass fucks her with a banana then inserts a massive cucumber in her ass which she has to lie on her back to take.

Jada is made to lick ass then ass fuck Amber with a dildo gag before being strapon ass fucked herself. An ass hook is fitted and she is led into the main room with it before being made to suck cock while a buttplug is placed in her ass. She is ass fucked in various positions by Mark Davis before passing the test. You can see Amber Rayne give Jada Stevens an anal fucking at Everything Butt.

Two Girls Take Extreme Anal Insertions

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When Gia DiMarco and Lolita Haze get caught by their coach Mr Pete fighting he gives them a punishment not many schoolgirls would forget. He makes them kiss to make up then bends them both over and lifts their skirts for a hard ass spanking. They are made to lick each others pussy and ass to get them wet then each take a turn ass fisting the other.

They are made to suck cock then while one is being ass fucked she is made to lick the other girl. After a while of this and the girls being impaled in the ass he brings out some of the sports equipment to give them some weird insertions stretching their ass wide.

A tennis racket handle is the first thing to make the girls squeal, inserting the racket in her ass. Next comes the thick end of a baseball bat in her ass till she is screaming and moaning through a painful orgasm. He even manages to fuck their ass with a bowling skittle. After making sure they have made up by giving both multiple orgasms he lies them down to share having their faces covered in cum. You can see the extreme anal insertions at EverythingButt.

Audrey Hollander Takes Double Anal

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Audrey Hollander is a true porn star that loves anal. Shehas been known to take a marrow in her ass as well as a marrow in her pussy. In fact she says she prefer having vegetables in her pussy because they can stretch her more than any man, the same can be said for her ass.

She walks into a bar in this scene and immediately starts shoving big toys in her ass. When that isn’t enough she fists her own ass before shoving a large dildo in her ass and large beads in her pussy. She sucks off the barman and his mate so she can get them into the action.

It isn’t long before one is filling her ass as she sucks the other then invites one to fuck her ass while the large anal beads are already in there. They move on to double penetration then before showing what a big ass she has. She takes two cocks in her ass at the same time. Go to EverythingButt to see Audrey take double anal.

Chanel Preston Takes An Anal Fisting

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Chanel knew this was going to be a tougher scene than usual when she was paired up with Dana Dearmond and Derrick Pierce. Dana wasted no time stripping her and tying her arms behind her back before shoving a vibrator in her ass to loosen her up. She was tied up on all fours next to have her ass whipped before being ass fucked by a hie dildo.

You see Dana pulling the whole length from her ass before she is made to lick ass. Chanel is made to ride a dildo gag next before swallowing a strapon. Dana strapon fucks her ass while spanking it. Chanel is turned over so Dana can give Chanel her first taste of anal fisting while using a vibrator on her clit for her best ever orgasm.

Derrick joins in then and starts off by getting a forced deepthroat, fucking her throat hard before fucking her ass. Her feet are held tight as Derrick ass fucks her and Dana uses an inflatable dildo in her own ass. She is made to lick Dana’ ass as she comes. You can see this anal fisting first for Chanel at Everything Butt.

Danica Dillan Takes An Ass Spanking

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Danica Dillan is a prisoner and is getting regular visits from Dana Dearmond who punishes her ass every time. Today is no different as she strips her off and spanks her ass while wearing leather gloves. After the ass spanking she fingers her ass roughly before making Danica lick her ass.

She bends Danica onto all fours and fucks her ass with a giant stick dildo then offers her the chance to earn special privileges if she meets the new warden James Deen. She says no but is dragged in naked to meet him anyway. As she licks Dana’ boots he shows his nasty side with some rough ass spanking and whips her ass before Dana strips off.

He fingers Dana’ ass then uses a giant inflatable dildo to leave her ass gaping. She is made to join Dana on a double ended crystal dildo in her ass before being ass fucked by James as she is made to lick ass. Dana uses her own hand to anal fist herself as James finishes off on Danica; face. You can see this great ass spanking scene at EverythingButt.