A Gaping Ass For Aleska Nicole

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Aleska Nicole is in hospital suffering from being addicted to sex. To see how bad she is nurse Lea Lexis is told by Dr Blue to give her a test. She is stripped and told to stay on the bed but not to touch herself. It doesn’t take long before she breaks the rules and is fingering her pussy.

Caught by Lea she is made to turn over to have her ass spanked red. An anal buttplug is inserted and Lea is soon undressed and sitting on her face as Aleska is made to lick ass. It’s Aleskas turn next, having her ass licked before being strapon ass fucked with an huge strapon. She is fucked through orgasm after orgasm before having her pussy slapped and Dr Blue arrives.

He joins in, fingering her ass and getting a forced deepthroat then forced deepthroat. He pounds her ass then Leas, taking turns while they lick each others pussy. Both are taken through way too many orgasms, especially Aleska who is very sore at the end. Dr Blue dumps his load in Leas mouth which she spits into Aleskas. You can see Aleska Nicole getting ass raped at EverythingButt.

Tia Ling Anal Fucked By Dia Zerva

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Tia agrees to be Dias sex slave for the day and tells her she can do anything she wants to her pussy for the whole day. She forgot to mention her ass and Dia picked up on this. From the start Tia is stripped and tied and by then it’s too late. Dia starts in on her ass straight away by shoving two fingers in her ass while rubbing her pussy. When she is sufficiently open Dia puts a larger hollow butt plug into her and feeds a tube into it. This deep enema play carries on as Tia is warned not to let a drop go or bigger objects will be put up her ass. Tia does well until Dia rubs her clit and lets some water out, true to her word Dia shoves a large buttplug into Tia and gets her to lick her pussy telling her the plug won’t come out till she’s orgasmed. After that she strapon fucks her ass and the whole clip can be found at Everything Butt or you can buy the single scene at Kink On Demand.

The Extreme Anal Of Emma Haize

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When nurse Krissy Lynn discovers that Emma Haize has wasted her time coming in because of hiccups she decides to teach her a lesson. She slaps her face then bends her over and pulls her panties down before giving her an ass spanking. A glass buttplug is inserted before she whips her tits then goes on to whip her ass.

Emma is made to lick ass then before having a dildo in her ass. She is also made to give a forced deepthroat to a giant strapon before being ass fucked with it. Her tits are slapped before Mark Dacis joins in the fun with a deepthroat blowjob. She is made to lick ass again before Mark fucks her gaping ass.

Krissy sits on her face while Mark fucks her ass then used two fingers from each hand to stretch her ass as far as possible. He has Krissy lie on top of Emma then then takes turn fucking their asses. Emma also rides his cock in her ass while Krissy licks his balls. Emma is made to fist her own ass before Mark cums in her gaping ass. You can see Emma fucked in the ass at Everything Butt.

Dylan Goes For Her Biggest Anal Dildo

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When Dylan announced she wanted to join the Everything Butt club she had to go through the same trial as everyone else even though she is a well known bdsm star. Every girl has to prove she can take large objects up the ass by taking the Honeycomb Honey, a solid huge anal dildo. She starts off as allowed by gradually using bigger and bigger dildos, or sometimes big buttplugs. After the first crystal dildo goes in her ass she relaxes a bit and after ass fucking it a bit she moves onto a bigger one. This one slips in easy enough also but she fails on her first try with the Honey so she sits back down, inserts the smaller anal butt plug and uses a vibrator to let her juices flow around her asshole. Still having trouble she changes position trying to impale herself on it. Did she manage it? Click Everything Butt.com to find out.

Punished with Inserted Objects

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When Mr Pete comes home and finds his slave Beverly didn’t have his dinner ready he was furious, so mad that she was almost too scared to tell him she had deleted his phone messages but she knew he would find out eventually. After hearing this he forces a butt plug in her ass then spanks her ass before locking her in a cage.

He comes into the cage carrying a basket of things then tells Beveerly to bend over. He starts inserting these objects into her ass starting with a carrot. Other fruit and veg is used and double penetration with a cucumber in her pussy turns out quite painful. Other objects are used until finally she has a mobile phone in her ass.

He face fucks her next before a rough ass fucking then comes the enema play. He uses milk to flush her ass out, filling her up and making her expel into a bucket. You can find this gaping ass update at Everything Butt.

Ass Fucking Of Cutie Mya Nichole

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Mya is caught by James fucking her ass with a crytal dildo and using a vibrator on herself. She was supposed to be tied down and submissive so James decides it’s time for a lesson, if she likes being ass fucked then he’ll give her more than she can handle. He gets ready by getting a forced deepthroat from her with his cock down her neck till his balls are on her chin then gets her to ride him, fucking her pussy while he opens her ass with a dildo.

He fucks her ass while ripping her clothes off and slapping her face before choking her as the anal fuck continues. She gets her tits slapped as the forced blowjob starts again and he fucks her ass with a very large dildo leaving her with a gaping ass. As soon as he’s ready he removes the dildo to come inside her ass before using a hose pipe for some enema play to wash her ass out. You can find this scene at Everything Butt.

Two Stunners Have Hard Anal Sex Before Enema Play

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Jade Indica and Charlotte Vale start of kissing but then it gets serious with some hard ass spanking. The anal sex starts with glass dildos with each being fucked in the ass while a vibrator is used on the pussy. Strapon ass fucking is next leaving them with a gaping ass before they are joined by Mr Pete who is happy to fuck ass while spanking them leaving their asses red. They use enemas then, filling each other up with fluids and use butt plugs to keep the water in before shooting water from the ass onto each other repeatedly. See this and other enema videos at Everythingbutt.com.

Lea Lexis Ass Fucking And Anal Beads

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Gymnast Lexis shows how flexible she is in this great scene of anal sex. She bends over to show everyone her pussy and ass before fingering herself. She uses large anal dildos and a vibrator to bring herself to orgasm before Anthony Rosano joins in the fun. He fucks her ass then gives her an ass spanking before moving back to toys. He sticks large anal beads in her ass then fucks her ass some more till she has an anal orgasm. A hose pipe is used in a great enema play scene where she has to shoot water out over and over again. See this anal scene and many more at Everythingbutt.com.

Amy Brooke Anal Punishment By Krissy Lynn

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When Krissy Lynn returns home to find Amy Brooke half naked it doesn’t take her long to work out her husband James Deen has been cheating on her. In his absence though she decides to take it out on Amy, bending her over for an ass spanking while making her suck a giant dildo.

Krissy uses an assortment of double ended dildos in her ass before making Amy lick ass. She has fun with Amy then, using her own hand to fist her ass before putting on a giant strapon to fuck her ass with. Amy is made to take more and more of it through her screams then in mid orgasm James walks back in.

Joining in the action he uses large buttplugs in both girls before bending them over to whip ass. He fucks both of them before getting a blowjob while he gives some anal fisting. Giant buttplugs and more ass fisting is used until they have squirting orgasms before he cums over both of them. You can see these two have some real gaping assholes at EverythingButt.

Anal Torture For SKin Diamond

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Skin Diamond is happy to serve her sentence in peace but sadistic Bobbi Starr won’t allow that thinking all prisoners should be made to pay for their crimes. She drags Skin out of her cage and bends her over so she can spank her pussy. When she screams she moves on sto spank her ass before stripping her knickers away.

She fingers her ass before inserting a glass buttplug then whips her ass around it. Now she’s lossened up she inserts an inflatable buttplug which she pumps up then fucks her ass with it. She pulls it out then inserts it again and each time she does that she uses more pumps. She is led on her back then to have her pussy whipped till she is in tears.

Skin is bent over to be strapon ass fucked then made to ride the strapon as Bobbi reaches around to finger her pussy. Skin then gives a forced deepthroat as the strapon is shoved down her neck. Marco Banderas joins in then fucking her gaping ass before she is made to ride him. He finishes off by cumming on her face and making her swallow cum. You can see Skin Diamond rake an anal fucking at EverythingButt.