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Kaylee Hilton is a sub that gets handed over to Gia DiMarco and Mark Davis with instructions to stretch her ass. They dress her in latex and put her on all fours on a table before having her ass spanked then fingered to open her up. A glass beaded dildo is used to fuck her ass wider before a large steel dildo is inserted.

She is made to lick ass then sticking her tongue as deep as possible in Gia’ ass. Gia whips her ass red before whipping her tits. Kaylee is bent over to be strapon ass fucked with a monster dildo. She is ass fucked deep like this before being turned over to take the dildo deeper while a vibrator is used on her clit.

This is where Mark joins in, spanking her ass as Gia finally manages to fist her ass. Mark gets a blowjob before fucking her ass hard and deep as Kaylee licks ass again then Mark moves on to fuck Gia in the ass. He goes back to fucking Kaylee’ gaping ass before cumming over it. You can see Kaylee ass fisted at EverythingButt.

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Chloe Reece only went into hospital to get her sprained wrist looked at but was very upset at having to wait. When Dana DeArmond finally got there to take a look at it Chloe was less than nice but she ahd picked the wrong day and the wrong Doctor to be abusive to.

Dana ties her hands behind her back, lays her down then starts by spanking her ass. She rolls her over and strips her before slapping her tits. She sucks Chloe’ nipples before whipping her tits then rolls her over to cut her knickers off. She whips ass some more before fingering her ass to loosen it up. She uses a butt plug to stretch her ass some more before whipping her tits and ass again.

Chloe is forced to deepthroat a strapon before having her ass fucked by it then is made to deepthroat Mark Wood. She is ass fucked by Mark while being forced to lick pussy before Dana decides it’s her turn to be ass fucked. Chloe is made to ride his cock in her ass while Dana slaps her pussy then they take turns on Mark. You can see Chloe take an anal fucking at EverythingButt.

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Amy brooke makes the mistake of talking back to coach Isis Love who knows exactly how to teach her a lesson. Amy is pushed up against the lockers and her top ripped up to have her nipples squeezed then her shorts pulled down and bent over. Isis pulls out some of her toys including a giant vibrator she uses to fuck her ass with.

Large steel balls are inserted in her ass before she is vibrated to orgasm. She is led to the head coach Mark Davis who joins in the fun. Amy is forced to suck cock while having her ass flogged until she manages to deepthroat balls deep. Mark then fist fucks her ass before using his cock to fuck her until she has a squirting orgasm.

She is made to lick ass then while Mark continues to ass fuck her then her gaping ass takes some real torture as they manage to fit an entire bowling pin head into her ass. She is ass fucked with the pin before being made to ride Mark while Isis uses a giant dildo to Double penetrate her to a massive squirting orgasm. Amy is made to ride the giant dildo until she has another. You can see Amy take extreme anal torture and show her rosebud at EverythingButt.

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When the guys decided they wanted to make a scene with the most extreme anal depth penetration they had to choose Darling, Roxy Raye and Angel Allwood. For a warm up there was a lot of tit slapping, ass licking and spanking. This was just a warmup though and they couldn’t wait to get started on the anal fisting.

Once suitably open a massive glass buttplug was inserted before she was put on all fours to take a hard and fast anal fisting. Next were some giant beads inserted in her ass until she took them all followed by a double anal fist. A giant silver ball was inserted until it disappeared then followed with a 2 foot long thick dildo which she took all the way.

Next was a width test with a giant thick dildo which she took to the base. A giant speculum was used and opened fully before some more fast ass fisting pushing her to the limits. It didn’t finish until all three had squirted and had giant gaping holes. You can see these 3 anal sluts getting their asses stretched at EverythingButt.

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Zoey Portland always likes to find and stretch her limits. Amber Rayne likes to push people past their limits and decides to see how much anal stretching Zoey can take then go past it. She starts off with using both hands to pull her ass apart before licking it and getting her ass licked in return.

Next she puts in an inflatable buttplug, inflates it then pulls it out while still inflated making Zoey squeal. She puts it in and does the same again and again each time inflating a little more. It’s not all one way though, Zoey inserts a massive buttplug in Ambers ass then fucks her ass with a giant dildo till she orgasms.

Zoey is ass fucked with a stick dildo through orgasm after orgasm then put on all fours to take it even deeper in her ass. Next up she is strapon fucked with a giant dildo then made to sit on it and take it all. Amber then fists her own ass while Zoey uses an Hitachi on her clit till she orgasms. you can see Ambers self anal fisting at EverythingButt.

Dana DeArmond Wrecks Asses

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Dana DeArmond has Bailey Blue and Alby Rydes locked in their cage overnight with massive buttplugs held in place with their panties. When she goes to let them out she notices them kissing so makes them crawl over to the bed. She removes Albys buttplug and makes Bailey lick her ass and a stick dildo as the dildo is used to fuck her ass.

The triple dildo is removed from Baileys ass for Dana to start fingering her. First one finger then two and it isn’t long before Bailey is taking an anal fisting. This was the first time she had her ass fisted and she loved it. In fact when Bailey started using a buttplug on her she begged to be fisted some more only deeper which Bailey was happy to do.

After many orgasms it was Albys turn, on her back being shallow fisted with an Hitachi on her clit then ass fucked with a massive strapon. She was bent over to take it deeper before it was Baileys turn again. She was strapon ass fucked on her back then made to ride it till she was satisfied. You can see these two take extreme anal at EverythingButt.

Painful Anal Punishment For Danielle Delaunay

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Danielle Delaunay is screwing Dana DeArmonds husband but one day falls asleep in their bed and oversleeps. Dana comes home to catch her there and when she confronts her Danielle tells her that her husband is going to leave her. This riles Dana who forces the naked Danielle face down on the kitchen counter to spank her ass.

With her hands cuffed behind her back there’s nothing Danielle can do as Dana decides more anal punishment is in order. Licking her hand as the only lube she fists her ass before flipping her over so she can get her fist in her ass deeper. A massive buttplug replaces her hand then an anal speculum stretches her ass to breaking point.

a 24 inch double-ended dildo is stuffed in her ass all the way till just the head is sticking out then Danielle is double fisted. To finish her off Dana fucks her ass with her fist going deeper and deeper until Danielle is begging for mercy. You can see Danielle take an anal fucking at EverythingButt.

Who Can Take The Biggest Anal Dildo

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Amber Rayne and Lyla Storm each reckon they can take a massive dildo in their ass, which one can take the most though? Lyla starts by getting pushed against a wall to have her ass spanked and then bent over so Amber can lick her ass. The ass spanking and licking continues until it’s Ambers turn to ride Lylas face.

No build up for Amber, she’s a true pro for anal so Lyla goes wrist deep fisting her ass leaving her with a gaping ass. With a fist in her ass she fingers her clit to orgasm before bending Lyla over to shove a massive glass dildo in her ass. A she gets used to it bigger dildos are used until eventually Amber fists her ass to make them even.

A stick dildo is used on Lyla next then one of the thickest strapons you’ve ever seen. On all fours she is strapon ass fucked then takes the anal fist again. More dildos are used on Amber then an absolutely massive buttplug in her ass before finishing off with another deep ass fisting. You can see this anal gaping competition at EverythingButt.

Two Women Taking Deep Anal

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Bella Hally and Princess Kathrin have both agreed to see if they can push the other past her limits and stretch each others ass as far as they can. Kathrin starts on the receiving end of a paddle to spank her ass just to warm her up before having a large buttplug inserted.

The buttplug is removed for a large red dildo to ass fuck her before Bella comes out with a massive ribbed dildo. Kathrin takes it all even though it leaves her screaming before Bella rams a massive buttplug in her leaving her breathless. Next up Kathrin is strapon fucked with an huge dildo and made to take every inch of it.

Bella thinks she has done enough to win but Princess Kathrin isn’t a good loser. She puts an inflatable buttplug in Bellas ass and keeps pumping it bigger and bigger. To finish her off Kathrin inserts a double ended dildo in her ass and makes her take all 24 inches of it. Still not convinced she fucks her ass with an even bigger double ended dildo ebfore finally giving up. You can see Bella take 2 massive dildos all the way at EverythingButt.

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Nikita Bellucci And Natasha Starr both had things they wanted to try anally that they had never tried before so it semed right to pair them together and give them over to Krissy Lynn. They start off kissing each other before Krissy makes then lick each others ass then suck a stick dildo.

The stick dildo goes into Natashas ass and while Krissy fucks her ass hard Nikita licks her ass. Nikitas turn is next as Krissy dildo fucks her ass as Nikita licks pussy. A giant buttplug opens up Nikitas ass just enough for her to be ass fisted by Krissy. She screams loudly so Krissy fills her mouth with a giant dildo intended for Natasha.

When the dildo is wet enough Krissy fills Natashas ass with it before putting on a giant strapon and getting both to deepthroat her. She has them both lie face down to whipp ass before giving both some rough anal treatment with the strapon. They are both left with gaping asses by the end of the scene. You can see this anal fisting over at EverythingButt.